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Poker night 2 review

Poker Night 2 takes place in the same place as the original Poker Night, in a place called "The Inventory", Poker Night 2 forces you to play ether Texas hold um or Omaha against four well known video game and TV characters and each have ways of playing poker, first there is Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. who plays in a way of sniffing out bluffing players when he has a good hand which makes him a counter to one of the other characters. Then there is Claptrap from Borderlands 2, he folds often when he has a low amount of money but bets a lot when he has a decent supply of money. Ash Williams from Army of Darkness, Ash is a aggressive player, he bluffs often and makes huge bets which often leads to a showdown with Brock. Then there is Sam from Sam&Max, Sam folds often and only stays in when he likes the flop or has good cards, which means if he starts betting before it's one on one, you might want to fold. Glados from Portal and Portal 2 is also there and will harass the players and figures out who wins. Then there is you, the Player, a silent poker player who is constantly harassed by the other players.
The game features several additions from the first game including the ability to buy drinks for the other players, or change the chips, felt, or deck to one of the five things each character belongs too. There are rewards too, if you complete five challenges from the game (some are harder than others) you may try and win a bounty Item from one of the characters, these bounty items turn into items for TF2 or Borderlands 2, Brock's bounty item is a orb which grants the Samson Skewer to the TF2 Heavy and a new hair style to the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2. Claptrap's item is his 2012 character of the year trophy which grants a Handsome Jack mask to the spy on TF2 and a poker cap to the Borderlands 2 Siren. Ash's item is the Necronomicon and rewards a skull hat to the Pyro on TF2 and a Evil Ash hat for the Commando on Borderlands 2. Sam's item is a banjo and rewards a hat like sam's to the sniper and spy on TF2 and a Max mask for the Mechromancer that was in a DLC for Borderlands 2. Lastly there is Glados who puts up one of her Core's for the Item, this rewards a Longfall boots to the Scout of TF2 and the "Are you still there?" skin for the Assassin on Borderlands 2.
The game is that you start with 20000 dollars and must bet, raise, check, call, and fold to get all of the money like in a regular Poker game.
Note that in Texas hold em' you get two cards while in Omaha you get four. Warning this game might be hard for people who can't play poker well, like me.

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Next Review

The next review will be about a slightly new game by now. Poker Night 2.

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Vikings review

Vikings or Viking: Battle  for Asgard is a game that takes on the view that is different than usual thought of vikings, this game takes place during a war of the vikings against monsters created by a evil goddess. These creatures for one thing reminded me of Locust Drones from Gears of War but are in their own way vastly different. While it is revealed that they are stronger and can take more damage than a human, they are different from Locust Drones as they are blue.
The story goes that you are a vikings who was hurt in battle and visited by a good Goddess called Freya, she names you her Champion and tells you that you can free the world of the enemies who are from the Underworld. The first thing I'll talk about is the enemies. The enemies remind me of Locust from Gears of War and also Orcs from the Lord of the Rings. There are normal enemies which a few light hits will kill in a few seconds but come in swarms, and cannot move under the sun, so when ever you enter a area where there is a dark cloud, you can expect to run into an enemy or a few. The shielded enemies are slightly tougher to dispatch, their shields can take a few hits and can stun you every time you hit it. Then there are the Large enemies, they guys can take a huge beating and must be killed with a quick time. There are Assassins who you can never see until they're on your head and ripping it off in the process.
Now like some other games there are huge battles where your army fights against the forces of Hel, the evil goddess, but to do this you must build it up by liberating settlements, freeing captives you find, and sometimes doing a odd side quest. The majority of battles are long and hard (don't turn that to your own sick uses) and require health potions, but before that you usually have to sneak into a huge area, sneak past all the bad guys, and charge up a stone to summon a dragon to the battle. It's hard even for a experienced players it's hard.
There are some perks that can help you threw out the game, you can buy runes for your weapons to have a blade that can shock foes, one that burns them, or one that freezes them solid, all these powers have executions too, that can finish off a foe in style. Don't worry about money though, you can buy a upgrade for your minimap that will show you where money is, in chests, urns, and bags of money.
Now the game itself has no tutorial, so you need to find out most of the things you can do over time that can cause a bit of a challenge at spots where you could use some moves but you don't know yet.
This game is very good and has a mixture of you being a great warrior and a stealthy killer. However I give this game a good reward for having though at some points it has problems with freeing places, but it's a great game none of the less and I recommend having it IF you want to get it.

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Next Review

The next review will be of a good but unheard game called Vikings. I've searched for it on youtube and there are no video's about the game at all, so this will be a interesting review.

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Gears of War series Review

Gears of War has had numerous ups and downs the downs taking place near the end and the ups focusing in the middle. The number one up for the game, I think, is the gun executions, as they are unique to each gun and adds multiple neat ways of ending a enemies life. However the number one down to me is the removal of playing as locust in Gears of War: Judgment. The number one game to didn't have the most distracting Campaign, but had wonderful multiplayer options.
To me, the best Gears of War game is Gears of War 3, with wonderful Executions, and special game modes which let friends play together.

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Special review

Tomorrows review shall be a series review of Gears of War, which will Highlight some of the best additions the game series has had and some not so great changes, It will come down to the final review for the best of the games of that series.

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Gears of War Judgment review

Gears of War: Judgment is the newest addition to Gears of War. This game has some major changes to it in controls, enemies, and the main character. The story, instead of focusing on Marcus Fenix, focuses on Deamon Baird, a friend to Marcus Fenix during the three games and a brilliant engineer. Gears of War: Judgment focuses at the beginning of the fight with the locust from Baird's time in a city called Halvo Bay. Like the previous three games there is a main locust bad guy, this baddy is called General Karn.
Now I have to admit there are a few things I didn't like about this game, one is the removal of Horde and Beast modes, removing the locust to play as on versus, removing the the ability to be downed in versus thus removing executions, some other things I just nitpicked are that the first Hammerburst is not reintroduced to the campaign but is only used by the kantus in a new game mode. However there have been additions to the game, including more starting weapons, more weapon skins, character skins, and the new multiplayer mode called Overrun. It's a combination of horde and beast, one team of players play as locust creatures, another team plays as a team of humans. There are three stages in the game where the COG must defend E-hole covers in the first two stages, and a generator at the last stage. Now I don't entirely like it because there are classes for the humans with pre-choosen weapons and abilities. There is the Scout class, who can climb up some ledges. The Soldier class, who can throw down ammo for the team. Medics, who can revive friends and increase health temporarily. And the Engineer who can put down a sentry and repair barricades. The Locust have a total of eight locust to choose from the strongest being a corpser.
The campaign is long with usual COG tags as pickups, but this time it tells you how the person who owned them died. The game removes lambent enemies but more locust are added. However with many enemies comes shorter chapters and the story is told in large pieces at different parts.
Despite this game being part of one of my favorite game series, I have to rank it as normal, good with more people, but only for the campaign and Overrun.

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Next Review

The next review shall be the latest addition to the Gears of War series, Gears of War: Judgment.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gears of war 3 Review

Gears of war 3 is what to me a epic sequel to Gears of war 2, featuring tons of new weapons, new characters, enemies, and a leveling up system. Gears of war 3 has a story that finishes the game series with an exception of it's sequel called Gears of war: Judgment, the whole point of the campaign is to find Marcus's father Professor Adam Fenix and you go threw many new enemies including the Extremely dangerous Lambent enemies.
Unlike it's prequels, Gears of war 3 gives you the ability to have a four player campaign experience, however this comes with a danger of little ammo, the game doesn't give you tons of ammo like the other two, it gives you ammo in the usual crates, but mainly from the battlefield. The game is well designed to give you limited ammo and at one point of the campaign trolling you with ammo that you can see and goes away when you try a might fall off a cliff when you approach it. Now some things that gave the game series a way of getting into a fight have been removed, I'm talking about the Emergence holes, they will not appear in the game instead enemies will fly out of the ground as if they were shot out of a cannon.
There have been special additions to the game featuring a special modification in Horde where you can buy and upgrade some fortifications. You don't get all the fortifications right away, you have to level up the stuff you can build by investing money gained from killing enemies into repairing that fortification, from leveling up these fortifications you can unlock stronger versions of them to build. It's good to spread out what you upgrade so you can get the remaining fortifications too, like you need to upgrade your level in the decoy fortification to get the sentry fortification. Now there are five fortification types, barrier the most basic used to slow down enemies or even stopping some in their tracks until the fortification is destroyed, decoy which makes all enemies target it, useful if you're surrounded on all sides, Sentry which shoots at any enemy which gets within range, Turret which gives you extra firepower as you have to mow down some enemies charging at you, and the most expensive Silverback which gives you a machine gun, rocket launcher, and portable cover for your friends all in one object. Also you can only place fortifications where you have a base set up, you can expand your base for a price, but doing that doubles the amount of objects you have to repair. Also unlike the second games horde, every ten waves there is a Boss wave, this may feature special enemies appearing like Reavers, Berserkers, or a Lambent Berserker.
Several weapons were added to the game too, like the Sawed-off Shotgun, a substitute for the Gnasher Shotgun, or the Retro Lancer, the Lancer that was used before the Lancer assault rifle. Also added with these new guns are Executions for every gun in the game. In versus however you have to get a certain amount of kills to unlock the execution. Also in addition of new guns there is a new grenade called the flame grenade.
There is a addition to the campaign and horde which allow you to use Mutations, these mutations can be good, bad, or funny. Like you can use infinite ammo with one mutation while another makes it so you cannot find any ammo out side of weapons dropped in battle, while another will make it so that enemies blood is replaced with flowers. These mutations can be gained by completing some requirements in game, like beating the campaign with four people.
A additional thing added to the game were medals, ribbons, and a level up system. Medals are the primary source of exp, which you use to level up or display your stats and skill of a gun or type of guns, some can even unlock weapon skins or characters. Ribbons are sources of exp that you get by completing a certain requirement like chainsawing three guys in a row on versus, horde, or the campaign on arcade mode. A certain amount of ribbons of one type can unlock something if interest. Levels can unlock a lot of the characters you can get and you naturally level up, quickly when you begin, and it gets harder to level up as you progress.
The newest addition to the gears game happened in Gears of war 3 called Beast Mode. This is the opposite of Horde, where instead to surviving, you play as the locust and must eliminate the human bots. It's called beast because you play as the powerful classes of the Locust Horde, like you can play as a Boomer, or a Berserker. Slightly like Horde, there are fortifications that pose as a way of slowing you down, however unlike Horde you have a one minute length to destroy all the humans, however as you tear down fortifications and kill humans you gain time to cause more destruction and you must buy the locust you play as.
I have to say that Gears of war 3 is still the highlight of the series to me as even though the new game is fun, it has a lot of downsides to it too. I rank this game as one of my favorites and say that it is a must have game for Gears of war fans.
D-Pad out.

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Next Review

Attention, the next review will be Gears of War 3. That is all.

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Gears of War 2 review

Gears of War 2 is the sequel of Gears of War and in terms of the style of gaming, is slightly more forgiving to new and old players. The game has many more new additions to the old Gears including special Executions that will allow you to finish off a enemy with style. However some guns have specific executions that can only be done with that gun. Two guns with such executions are the Gnasher, and the Longshot. There is also a difference between the executions length you can choose from, like short, medium, and long. There is also a special Meat shield executions which you take your downed enemy and use them as a human shield, taking up bullets for you before they fall to the ground. However just taking them as a meat shield (with an exception of the leader in capture the leader) counts as killing them and even if you get headshot before a single bullet hits them and you die, that person won't get back up.
Gears of War 2 there are new enemies with only one special enemy that can be found three times in the first game removed. First there is the Kantus which is a healer, if one of the locust are down, the kantus will start screeching and revive them. However even after the locust is revived the kantus will continue to screech for a couple of seconds leaving it open for attack. Second there are Tickers which are, literally, walking bombs. They will attempt to run at you as blow up, in groups these little guys can kill you instantly. Thirdly there are Bloodmounts which are fierce melee opponents. Bloodmounts charge right at you and only stop if you shoot their helmet enough and have a rider who will shoot you unless you kill him.
Gears of War 2 also has a game mode that is all co-operative called Horde. You and four other friends hold out against fifty waves of locust ranging from the regular Drones to the new every enemy besides the berserker. This leaves you to waves of enemies where you only respond between waves. This can be challenging to new players if they haven't played the campaign and faced all the enemies.
Gears of war 2 also has new weapons, like a whole new Hammerburst and new heavy weapons which you can't carry everywhere, just till they run out of ammo or you drop it. You can't mantel over walls with heavy weapons ether so that restricts the places you can take them. Like the previous Gears there is plenty of ammo so running out of ammo isn't a concern.
Gears of war 2 also has a deep story which concerns the future in Gears of War 3. It also gives you information about the Locust Horde and some information about Sera's past, and some info on Jacinto the last human city in the game. I won't say much but I will say that a third group is introduced in the game. The Lambent, a army of locust corrupted by imulsion the planets fuel. It even gives you a first hand encounter with a locust Brumak turning into a lambent beast.
The game is very good but even now I have to say the third game would be the best selection instead of Gears of War 2, though the games good, the third game is probably a better selection to this game as it's more challenging that this game and has even more enemies.
D-Pad out.

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Next Review

The next review will be Gears of War 2. Also I shall now do the other sequels of Gears of War in order up to the newest game Gears of War Judgment.

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Game review plus announcement

Gears of War the first game is a awesome game that can be confusing to some people at the game functions. Gears of War is a third person shooter that uses a special cover system making it a game where you can interact with cover, crouching behind a wall or hiding behind a pile of rubble. The game has a interesting story too for all those players seeking a good game with a interesting story.
The story goes that years before the game takes place there was Sera, with mighty armies or people including a powerful superpower called the COG, the Coalition of Ordered Goverments. Then the day known as Emergence day happened. A nightmare race of humanoid creatures burst through the surface of Sera attacking every human stronghold. The COG ordered a retreat to the last city standing called Jacinto, which is on a solid granite strata that the named enemy called the Locust couldn't dig threw. While sounding this retreat the COG also announced that they'd use their most powerful weapon, called the Hammer of Dawn, to level every COG city other than Jacinto. Many people refused to go into the COG's protection and lived in the No-mans-land or even in the Locust's territory, and became known as Stranded.
You play as Marcus Fenix, a inmate at the prison in Jacinto, a War Hero in a past war now imprisoned for abandoning his post and costing a lot of Jacinto. You are visited by your friend Dominic Santiago who opens your cell door with a bot named Jack, he throws you a bag with armor and a weapon, called the Hammerburst and is used by the locust, and tells you things have changed and now he's needed at the front lines again.
Now as for the game, it's a extremely well detailed game with plenty of weapons that you are sure to love including the games main weapon called the Lancer assault rifle which is called that because it has a chainsaw bayonet which can be used in close quarters to saw open most locust. The finer points of the game are the detail put into the characters bringing out something people can like about them, and the gore that happens when you saw someone open or gib them with a grenade or rocket launcher. And a important thing about gameplay is STAY IN COVER OR DIE as you will die faster than most enemies. However the game does include funny moments where you can have a nice laugh while in danger.
The enemies in the game are frighting in a fight as they are harder to take down than you on Hardcore which is normal difficulty. There are a multitude of enemies as it is featuring the distinct and common Locust Drone to the large, nearly unstoppable, enemies called Berserkers. There is danger everywhere as some enemies will try to keep you pinned down from coming close to them while others carry the Lancer and will easily kill you up close, to even exploding enemies that go for close kills and in swarms.
The game however gives you plenty of ammo as you use quite a bit of ammo to take down one enemy. But this game is full of danger with even a night segment where you have to stay in the light or be eaten by a nocturnal threat called Kryll that will eat anyone, even your enemies.
The game is two player, and becomes easier with a partner because you don't die instantly, but you go into a state of down but not out, your partner needs to get to you then before you bleed out. Speaking of the health system, the health system is unique because as you take damage the trademarked symbol of Gears of war, called the Crimson Omen, slowly appears and when the skull appears you're already dead.
This is a game that can give you a good intro into the gears world, and is a must have for those starting to play the series. It is a excellent game that you can never forget and has awesome multiplayer options. I rate this game as one of my favorites but is outranked by it's sequels, TF2, and one other game series. This game is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and is worth the money to get.

I've decided to do series reviews, where I look at the entire series of a game and give a overall score based on how well all the games go together.

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Next review

And the next review will be the first game of a popular Xbox game series.
It is the beginning of a legacy, a game called Gears of War.

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Prototype review

Prototype is a single player game where you play as the rather mean Alex Mercer, the ultimate ever evolving weapon. The game has many way of killing enemies, from transforming you arms into giant claws or into a sword, to picking up guns from military enemies to shoot with. The game involves a sort of experience system where instead of getting experience points you get evolution points to buy upgrades in all you powers with or just improve you health, speed, and other powers.
As the prototype you can do inhuman things, you can jump extremely high, throw just about anything, and shape shift into people. There is also a unique healing system, like some games you regenerate some health slowly over time, but in this game to heal a lot faster you must grab a human, or wear down and grab depending on the type of enemy you face, and consume them gaining their identity and recovering some health, the perk of this is that you can heal anytime during combat by just grabbing an enemy and smashing their face into the ground. As you are a shape shifter you can change into Alex Mercer at any time and if your seen you just need to break the line of sight and change shape. This means you can be stealthy or rampage against enemies when you want to.
Throughout the story you unlock more upgrades to buy in the upgrade menu, including getting new toys to make destroying tanks, helicopters, and regular soldiers easier. You also unlock a powerful devastator attack which can be used when you fill you health to the blue part of your health bar. The blue health bar is a part of you health meaning that you may not be able to use the devastator in the middle of a fight if you've taken enough damage. The devastator unleashes a massive attack in the area around you causing severe damage to all enemies in the range of the attack. You can also unlock some special powers by consuming some enemies including the ability to call a mortar strike at any given area, or increasing you skills with some vehicles like a tank.
Throughout the whole open world which is New York City, there are people who know stuff you may not know including what happened to you before you became the Prototype, these people you can kill and gain a memory to watch, discovering more information about you, some people in game, or your enemies. Also there are hidden hints, land marks, and challenges hidden around New York, they all give you evolution points upon finding finding or completing them.
While this game is really good, I do have some things against it. Some enemies can only be fought in missions creating a feeling that the enemies in free world aren't as challenging, however you can repeat the game with all the powers you've unlocked and play threw the story again.
This game I have to rate as a game that if you want to buy as at for a few missions of the story you lose your ability to shape shift your arms into weapons and it becomes really bland.The actual story is thrilling though and you can become quickly enveloped in the waves of info on Mercer, the human enemies, and some zombie like enemies. Still if your looking for a game with some challenge, this wouldn't be a good first choice as most of the time your overpowered.

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Next review

Hello everybody.
Next review is going to be...... Prototype.

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The Binding of Isaac review

The Binding of Isaac review is a RPG Indie game that centers itself around the main character Isaac. The story goes that Isaac lived peacefully with his mother on a hill, until his mother started hearing the voice of god telling her to remove everything from Isaacs life, locking him in his room and then to sacrifice him like in the bible story titled The Binding of Isaac. However Isaac finds a trap door to the basement under his rug and escapes his mother into the dark, monster filled basement.
The actual story that many agree on focuses on child abuse and Isaac resisting his desire to commit suicide after it being revealed in the DLC Wrath of the Lamb.
The Binding of Isaac has many characters referencing to the bible and other games like Satan as the final boss to the regular game without the DLC. Anyway the game doesn't just hold with regular Isaac, you can pick up power ups that last the rest that game session from the bosses and from treasure rooms. These power ups effect Isaac's appearance such as picking up the vampire power up will make Isaac's face pale, give him two pointed teeth, and a hair style like Dracula. Other power ups can be obtained at special rooms called Devil Rooms, where you can trade your soul (aka health) for powerful power ups enabling stronger attacks, flight, or extra lives. There are also normal items you can pick up featuring bombs, keys, and pennies which you can use to buy stuff in stores, or arcades.
Anyway the game is meant to be played over and over as it changes every time you play, the bosses for the floors except a few ones that will always appear, and the power ups you got last time change. Now the bosses that will always appear are usually the ones that apply to the story, like the Mom boss fight and (In the DLC) the Isaac boss fight.
Now the enemies get stronger every other floor and you usually increase your health when you progress. However Isaac isn't the only playable character, there are several characters, all but one apply to the bible. The first one you unlock is Isaac himself then ether Cain or Magdaiene. Cain is faster than Isaac with slightly higher attack power, and increased luck, but has a down side of lower health. Magdaiene has the most default health in the game but is very slow. Cain can be obtained by having fifty or more coins at one time, Magdaiene can by obtained by having seven hearts of health at one time in game.
The next person you can unlock is ether Eve, or Judas. Judas has one heart of health but has the strongest attack. Eve has two hearts of health and a bird that attacks enemies when you are hurt and turns into a demon when you are reduced to half a heart. Judas will be obtained when you beat Moms Heart a number of times and Eve can be obtained after making two deals with the Devil.
The last one outside of the DLC is ??? often known as the blue baby. ??? has no health, and only uses soul hearts which act as a kind of shield to other characters. ??? is believed to be a dead version of Isaac as the states are the same except with the health part. This one does have a upside as he has access to more places that the normal characters would only have access under certain circumstances. And the character included in the Wrath of the Lamb would be Samson who can be obtained by skipping at least one treasure room up to the Mom boss fight. He has one heart plus one soul heart but gains attack damage from killing enemies making him good for clearing out packed rooms. In addition to the DLC there are also more rooms, more bosses, more levels, and more items to be obtained.
I recommend this game for people who want to have some solo fun and want a story which you have to piece together or distract themselves for a hour (the average amount of time to complete the game after fighting the devil). However as I just said this game is single player so the down side is a one person game mode. This game is open on steam for five dollars, the DLC another three.

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Next review suprise

Guess what? To late. The next review is going to be about a indy game on steam called, The Binding of Isaac, with it's DLC called Wrath of the Lamb.
Warning: Game has many christianity based enemies.

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Team Fortress 2 review

Team Fortress 2 of TF2 is a multiplayer game that can be played on the Xbox or computers, though I recommend the computer one on steam as it has the most content. The TF2 on steam is a constantly updating game, featuring new maps, weapons, hats, game mods, or just patches every update or so. The game has numerous game modes ranging from the classic capture the flag game mode, to the TF2 co-op Mann versus Machine game mode.
There are nine classes to play on TF2, each with different roles, special weapons, and special abilities. However each nine class has weaknesses to other classes and all ranging from different roles on the battlefield. The first class is the class I'm worst at, the scout. The Scout is the fastest class in the game but is easy to kill, he carries three weapons, a shotgun called the scatter gun witch causes a lot of damage up close but very inaccurate at a distance and slow to reload, to make up for his main weapons weakness he has a pistol which is highly accurate and quick to reload though it causes little damage compared to the scattergun, his last weapon is his melee weapon which is a bat. The scout like all the other classes has different weapons that can be found and used according to the players style.
The second class is the soldier who is the second slowest class with the second highest default hp in the game. He carries a rocket launcher which causes a high amount of instant damage over a long range but is slow, slow to reload, and the rockets can be reflected by a pyro. His primary weapon is risky to use up close due to splash damage, but his second weapon is a shotgun that is also shared with the pyro, engineer, and heavy, which is strong up close to make up for his rockets splash damage up close. His last weapon is his melee weapon the shovel.
The third class is the Pyro who's gender is unknown though some people think it's a girl while others think it's a man, what ever it's gender is it's unknown but it carries some helpful powers to the battlefield. It's first weapon is the flame thrower, short range but causes constant damage and causes after burn on whoever is hit by the fire, it's wide spread is helpful when looking for spies or tracking enemies, the short range slightly made up with the pyro's shotgun which has better range that the flamethrower but not by much. His last weapon is his fire axe. The pyro can extinguish allies that are on fire by clicking the second mouse button with the flamethrower, and the pyro has a advantage against other pyros because it is in a flame proof suit that prevents after burn but the base damage caused by the flame thrower will remain.
The Fourth class is the engineer who is one of the best classes to use regardless of what your objective is. He can set up the best defense with a pyro helping him with his natural predator the spy. The engineer can set up a sentry, a dispenser which gives you and fellow engi's metal to build more stuff with and heals your allies as well as giving them ammo, a teleporter entrance and exit which teleports allies to the exit and gets them to the front lines faster. His weapons are a shotgun, a pistol, a wrench which if you melee your machines with it, it will make them build faster or repair them, as well as upgrade them.
The fifth class is the face of TF2 the Heavy. The Heavy is the biggest and slowest class making him and easy target to snipers and spies, he has the most default health and is the main class to receive a ubercharge from a medic. He's has a minigun, that is commonly called Sasha, and combines a fast fire rate with a large amount of damage, though is weak at a range as the gun has a massive bullet spread and damage decreases at a range, his shotgun takes up the spot for range but isn't good at huge improvement and is useful when you're out of ammo. His melee is his bare hands which can be fired with ether mouse button as both fist do the same amount of damage.
The sixth class is the Demoman, a expert at making explosive traps with his sticky launcher, unlike the soldier the demoman only explosive weapons which their projectiles arch. His first weapon is a grenade launcher who's projectiles arch and equal the soldiers rockets damage but have less of a splash effect and bounce off walls and the ground. The sticky bomb launcher is his second weapon that shoots sticky bombs that stick to anything and detonate on his command making him ideal for taking out sentries. His melee weapon is a bottle of what is called scrumpy.
The seventh class to play is the medic, who heals allies and overheals them when they're at full health increasing their health to 150% their average health for a short time, but is a primary objective to kill as when he heals he builds up ubercharge with what ever medigun he has, the default uber makes him and his patient invincible. He has a weak defense though against other enemies so he relies on allies to defend him. His weapons are a syringe gun, his medigun, and a bonesaw.
The eighth class is the sniper who does what his name is, snipes. He specializes at heatshots, taking out annoying enemies with one quick shot. His weapons are a sniper rifle, a submachine gun, and a machete like knife.
The ninth class is the spy, a class that plays differently than the other classes as he relies on trickery and deception to help his team. He can disguise himself as one of the other team, cloak, fake his death, backstab for a one hit kill, and sap engineer buildings. The spy makes the other team wary and off their best game because they will leave a area unguarded to take care of a pesky spy before he kills one of them or saps a needed sentry. The spies weapons are a revolver which is just meant to stop enemies from coming after you or eliminating any weak targets from a far. He also has a sapper which disables and destroys engineer buildings, a knife that can kill any enemy with a stab to their back, and a disguise kit that allows them to disguise as any class on their team or the enemies team. He also has invisibility watches that allow him to turn invisible or fake his own death.
Unlike the Xbox version, the Steam version has multiple weapons that can be found randomly by playing the game, or bought from the games store called Mann co. These weapons can be used to match a players play style or for a challenge. There are bosses in this game taking the form of halloween bosses, like the Horseless Headless Horsemann, and the demoman's haunted eyeball. As I said before there are multiple game modes that put two human teams together or puts six human players together against hundreds of AI robots. This is a game I recommend for everyone as it is a good game to find friends on and a good game to play with friends on, and score this game as my second favorite game ever.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Next Review

Sorry for the last delayed review. This next review will be about what I think was and is the champion game of Valve, the well known, epic game, Team Fortress 2.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Killing Floor Review

Killing Floor is a game based on a game Mod also called Killing floor. Both Killing Floor and the Killing Floor Mod are alike but Killing Floor has experienced some changes. Killing Floor is a multiplayer survival horror where you hold out against waves of enemies, buy guns between waves, and fighting a strong boss at the end of the game, however you can't have all the weapons, each weapon has a weight and you have a maximum carrying capacity of 15 unless you're a high level of one of the classes. The game has seven classes to play as but the model used for the class is at the mercy of the player. The seven classes all specialize with different weapons though can use weapons used by another class.
The classes all have levels and level up when the requirements for the class are met, meaning you can level up one class as the another. The classes all have different ways of leveling up and leveling up gives you special bonuses when you use that class.
The seven classes and their gun specialties are the support class who specializes with shotguns and can carry more stuff at higher levels. The medic who can heal other players and yourself faster and more effectively (this class is the only one that you can level up multiplayer not solo) and has a discount on body armor and medic guns, the commando who can see invisible enemies and their health as well as getting a discount on assault rifles, the beserker who uses melee weapons often putting himself in the most danger than the rest of the classes and gets a discount on melee weapons, the pyro who specializes in fire weapons and gets a discount on fire weapons, the sharpshooter who specializes in pistols, snipers, and the crossbow and gets a discount on said weapons, and the demo who specializes on all things explosive and gets a discount on them.
The enemies on the game remind me a lot like zombies but with special powers, instead of going on about all of them I'll tell you the unique and strong enemies. The first in the Husk which is shoots fireballs at you from a far but it's weapons telltale charging sound and firing sound alert you to be watching your self to avoid it's fireballs. The second is the Fleshpound who's name tells you all, it's the strongest enemy besides the boss and, on high difficulties, one can wipe out a poorly prepared team easily, it's easy to pick out in a group on the enemies because it glows yellow at it's stomach and is very tall, until you cause enough damage to it, it will slowly walk towards you but when it lets out a loud cry treat it like a tank in L4D by running and shooting. Final is the Patriarch who shows his face  in the final wave and is considered a boss. With a Minigun, grenade launcher, healing abilities, can turn invisible, and deadly melee attacks, this guy can easily wipe out a team on high difficulties, however he always says something before attacking with his minigun or grenade launcher.
This game is one of the best team work games I've played where you have to play together or die horribly, if you kill three team mates from friendly fire on a wave and it's not over, or the entire team, you're dead. I highly recommend this game for people looking for a game that is more challenging then Left 4 Dead and want's to play with friends. This game can be obtained on Steam or on a Android phone app called Wewana.
D-Pad out.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Next review

Hello there Blogger. The next game I'm reviewing will be a game based on the original game mod. It's called Killing Floor. Hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Left 4 Dead 2 review

Left 4 Dead 2 is a multiplayer, first person shooter that focuses on a the zombie apocalypse. This is a game carrying on from the original Left 4 dead but with more weapons and special enemies. The first thing I'm going over is the multiplayer.
There are several game modes in this game featuring regular four player campaign where you play the survivors and AI's control the special infected. The second is Versus where you go threw the campaign but facing other players controlling the special infected making it very dangerous to play. The third is scavenger it is like versus only instead of going threw the campaign you and your team mates try and gather gas cans and keep a motor running. The final is the classic survival challenge, where you and your friends survive a endless wave of enemies until you die.
Now some additions added to this game from Left 4 Dead 2 is simple yet long. The first noticeable thing is the new enemies. The new specials are The Charger, The Spitter, and The Jockey. The Charger does what it's name says, it charges and smashes any survivor it gets into the ground. The Spitter spits toxic stuff onto the ground and deals massive damage to the survivors if they are standing in it. The Jockey works well with The Spitter as the Jockey deals pitiful amount of damage but can steer any survivor it jumps on into any danger including spitter spit or off buildings to their death. Another addition is the defib. unit which can bring a dead buddy back to life, adrenaline is another addition that increases speed of all actions including healing, reviving a partner, or running speed making it easy to out run a Tank or the Horde.
There is also the addition of Melee weapons that can one hit kill a regular infected and send their heads flying,  the saying "axes (or swords) don't need reloading" fits the bill of this as a well placed swing can kill several zombies on expert as the rifle would take slightly longer and would need to be reloaded afterwards. Several new guns were added to featuring a machine gun (that doesn't need to be reloaded) and a burst rifle that shoots in three shot burst and causes decent damage to specials. The last addition was the bile bomb that works the best with a molotov as the bile bomb is the boomers bile bottled and servers the same with attracting the horde and making them attack anything that is covered in it.
The multiplayer is different depending on the people you play with as some of the people, like on any other game, are very mean and joining a game on versus isn't fair as when you join a game you might be pounced by a hunter and your now team mates abandoned the bot to die. Generally people quit if they aren't infected but being a survivor can be just as fun as you can outwit the other team by luring them to miss and waste their abilities and leave them open.
I rate this game highly but it can become become boring after a long while where you play threw all the campaigns, however the ability to download custom campaigns give the game some variety. I recommend the game for people looking for a game to play with friends.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Borderlands 2 review

Borderlands 2 is a game which I think is worth the amount of money to buy. When I first played it, it grabbed my attention with the way the game looks as it struck me as a sort of comic look. The gameplay is reminded me of any other first person shooter, where it's basically shoot everything that moves as it's unlikely it will be friendly.
Some of the functions of the characters drew my attention of gameplay style, featuring a total of four classes each with a name I will give detail about. The Siren is what I deem the healer as she bears multiple powers to heal your team mates or leave a enemy without defense for a few moments so your team mates can take them out of the game. The gunzerker is a class which fit my style of playing on most other shooters as the gunzerker wades into a fight with guns blazing and dealing a lot of damage, however after awhile of playing I figured out the gunzerker was a class meant to be supported by other players rather than charging into a fight, so I didn't play much of him. The commando is my favorite class as he can bring an extra gun into a firefight with the sentry gun his ideal weapon is an assault rifle which I spent awhile looking for a good one. The final is the assassin which deals with snipers and other weapons, I thought the assassin is good in a team rather than alone as he can take out key targets like any other assassin or weaken a enemy to be handled easily.
The game features a shield system similar to Halo but  different in rather that taking the same amount of damage it takes different amount of damage according to what's used against it and the type of shield you have and that the shield also has it own amount of health that degrades before breaking and leaving you open.
The game is nearly complete but I have to say that I think the main mission is fast, and can bring you to a dangerous area if you don't slow down and choose to do some sub missions. Over all however I deem this game one of my favorites and recommend to be bought by anyone who is unsure if they should buy it or not.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I think it may be awhile until I do my first game review, I'm still trying to get used to Blogger. It might be a few days or a week until I do my first review but the first review I'll do will be Borderlands 2.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello Blogger!

Hello Blogger!
I'm D-Pad, a gamer and a game reviewer now. This blog will be about games and the reviews I give them, but not just new games, new and old games going back to the time of the gameboy advanced.