Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Game review plus announcement

Gears of War the first game is a awesome game that can be confusing to some people at the game functions. Gears of War is a third person shooter that uses a special cover system making it a game where you can interact with cover, crouching behind a wall or hiding behind a pile of rubble. The game has a interesting story too for all those players seeking a good game with a interesting story.
The story goes that years before the game takes place there was Sera, with mighty armies or people including a powerful superpower called the COG, the Coalition of Ordered Goverments. Then the day known as Emergence day happened. A nightmare race of humanoid creatures burst through the surface of Sera attacking every human stronghold. The COG ordered a retreat to the last city standing called Jacinto, which is on a solid granite strata that the named enemy called the Locust couldn't dig threw. While sounding this retreat the COG also announced that they'd use their most powerful weapon, called the Hammer of Dawn, to level every COG city other than Jacinto. Many people refused to go into the COG's protection and lived in the No-mans-land or even in the Locust's territory, and became known as Stranded.
You play as Marcus Fenix, a inmate at the prison in Jacinto, a War Hero in a past war now imprisoned for abandoning his post and costing a lot of Jacinto. You are visited by your friend Dominic Santiago who opens your cell door with a bot named Jack, he throws you a bag with armor and a weapon, called the Hammerburst and is used by the locust, and tells you things have changed and now he's needed at the front lines again.
Now as for the game, it's a extremely well detailed game with plenty of weapons that you are sure to love including the games main weapon called the Lancer assault rifle which is called that because it has a chainsaw bayonet which can be used in close quarters to saw open most locust. The finer points of the game are the detail put into the characters bringing out something people can like about them, and the gore that happens when you saw someone open or gib them with a grenade or rocket launcher. And a important thing about gameplay is STAY IN COVER OR DIE as you will die faster than most enemies. However the game does include funny moments where you can have a nice laugh while in danger.
The enemies in the game are frighting in a fight as they are harder to take down than you on Hardcore which is normal difficulty. There are a multitude of enemies as it is featuring the distinct and common Locust Drone to the large, nearly unstoppable, enemies called Berserkers. There is danger everywhere as some enemies will try to keep you pinned down from coming close to them while others carry the Lancer and will easily kill you up close, to even exploding enemies that go for close kills and in swarms.
The game however gives you plenty of ammo as you use quite a bit of ammo to take down one enemy. But this game is full of danger with even a night segment where you have to stay in the light or be eaten by a nocturnal threat called Kryll that will eat anyone, even your enemies.
The game is two player, and becomes easier with a partner because you don't die instantly, but you go into a state of down but not out, your partner needs to get to you then before you bleed out. Speaking of the health system, the health system is unique because as you take damage the trademarked symbol of Gears of war, called the Crimson Omen, slowly appears and when the skull appears you're already dead.
This is a game that can give you a good intro into the gears world, and is a must have for those starting to play the series. It is a excellent game that you can never forget and has awesome multiplayer options. I rate this game as one of my favorites but is outranked by it's sequels, TF2, and one other game series. This game is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and is worth the money to get.

I've decided to do series reviews, where I look at the entire series of a game and give a overall score based on how well all the games go together.

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