Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Prototype review

Prototype is a single player game where you play as the rather mean Alex Mercer, the ultimate ever evolving weapon. The game has many way of killing enemies, from transforming you arms into giant claws or into a sword, to picking up guns from military enemies to shoot with. The game involves a sort of experience system where instead of getting experience points you get evolution points to buy upgrades in all you powers with or just improve you health, speed, and other powers.
As the prototype you can do inhuman things, you can jump extremely high, throw just about anything, and shape shift into people. There is also a unique healing system, like some games you regenerate some health slowly over time, but in this game to heal a lot faster you must grab a human, or wear down and grab depending on the type of enemy you face, and consume them gaining their identity and recovering some health, the perk of this is that you can heal anytime during combat by just grabbing an enemy and smashing their face into the ground. As you are a shape shifter you can change into Alex Mercer at any time and if your seen you just need to break the line of sight and change shape. This means you can be stealthy or rampage against enemies when you want to.
Throughout the story you unlock more upgrades to buy in the upgrade menu, including getting new toys to make destroying tanks, helicopters, and regular soldiers easier. You also unlock a powerful devastator attack which can be used when you fill you health to the blue part of your health bar. The blue health bar is a part of you health meaning that you may not be able to use the devastator in the middle of a fight if you've taken enough damage. The devastator unleashes a massive attack in the area around you causing severe damage to all enemies in the range of the attack. You can also unlock some special powers by consuming some enemies including the ability to call a mortar strike at any given area, or increasing you skills with some vehicles like a tank.
Throughout the whole open world which is New York City, there are people who know stuff you may not know including what happened to you before you became the Prototype, these people you can kill and gain a memory to watch, discovering more information about you, some people in game, or your enemies. Also there are hidden hints, land marks, and challenges hidden around New York, they all give you evolution points upon finding finding or completing them.
While this game is really good, I do have some things against it. Some enemies can only be fought in missions creating a feeling that the enemies in free world aren't as challenging, however you can repeat the game with all the powers you've unlocked and play threw the story again.
This game I have to rate as a game that if you want to buy as at for a few missions of the story you lose your ability to shape shift your arms into weapons and it becomes really bland.The actual story is thrilling though and you can become quickly enveloped in the waves of info on Mercer, the human enemies, and some zombie like enemies. Still if your looking for a game with some challenge, this wouldn't be a good first choice as most of the time your overpowered.

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