Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poker night 2 review

Poker Night 2 takes place in the same place as the original Poker Night, in a place called "The Inventory", Poker Night 2 forces you to play ether Texas hold um or Omaha against four well known video game and TV characters and each have ways of playing poker, first there is Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. who plays in a way of sniffing out bluffing players when he has a good hand which makes him a counter to one of the other characters. Then there is Claptrap from Borderlands 2, he folds often when he has a low amount of money but bets a lot when he has a decent supply of money. Ash Williams from Army of Darkness, Ash is a aggressive player, he bluffs often and makes huge bets which often leads to a showdown with Brock. Then there is Sam from Sam&Max, Sam folds often and only stays in when he likes the flop or has good cards, which means if he starts betting before it's one on one, you might want to fold. Glados from Portal and Portal 2 is also there and will harass the players and figures out who wins. Then there is you, the Player, a silent poker player who is constantly harassed by the other players.
The game features several additions from the first game including the ability to buy drinks for the other players, or change the chips, felt, or deck to one of the five things each character belongs too. There are rewards too, if you complete five challenges from the game (some are harder than others) you may try and win a bounty Item from one of the characters, these bounty items turn into items for TF2 or Borderlands 2, Brock's bounty item is a orb which grants the Samson Skewer to the TF2 Heavy and a new hair style to the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2. Claptrap's item is his 2012 character of the year trophy which grants a Handsome Jack mask to the spy on TF2 and a poker cap to the Borderlands 2 Siren. Ash's item is the Necronomicon and rewards a skull hat to the Pyro on TF2 and a Evil Ash hat for the Commando on Borderlands 2. Sam's item is a banjo and rewards a hat like sam's to the sniper and spy on TF2 and a Max mask for the Mechromancer that was in a DLC for Borderlands 2. Lastly there is Glados who puts up one of her Core's for the Item, this rewards a Longfall boots to the Scout of TF2 and the "Are you still there?" skin for the Assassin on Borderlands 2.
The game is that you start with 20000 dollars and must bet, raise, check, call, and fold to get all of the money like in a regular Poker game.
Note that in Texas hold em' you get two cards while in Omaha you get four. Warning this game might be hard for people who can't play poker well, like me.

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