Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Binding of Isaac review

The Binding of Isaac review is a RPG Indie game that centers itself around the main character Isaac. The story goes that Isaac lived peacefully with his mother on a hill, until his mother started hearing the voice of god telling her to remove everything from Isaacs life, locking him in his room and then to sacrifice him like in the bible story titled The Binding of Isaac. However Isaac finds a trap door to the basement under his rug and escapes his mother into the dark, monster filled basement.
The actual story that many agree on focuses on child abuse and Isaac resisting his desire to commit suicide after it being revealed in the DLC Wrath of the Lamb.
The Binding of Isaac has many characters referencing to the bible and other games like Satan as the final boss to the regular game without the DLC. Anyway the game doesn't just hold with regular Isaac, you can pick up power ups that last the rest that game session from the bosses and from treasure rooms. These power ups effect Isaac's appearance such as picking up the vampire power up will make Isaac's face pale, give him two pointed teeth, and a hair style like Dracula. Other power ups can be obtained at special rooms called Devil Rooms, where you can trade your soul (aka health) for powerful power ups enabling stronger attacks, flight, or extra lives. There are also normal items you can pick up featuring bombs, keys, and pennies which you can use to buy stuff in stores, or arcades.
Anyway the game is meant to be played over and over as it changes every time you play, the bosses for the floors except a few ones that will always appear, and the power ups you got last time change. Now the bosses that will always appear are usually the ones that apply to the story, like the Mom boss fight and (In the DLC) the Isaac boss fight.
Now the enemies get stronger every other floor and you usually increase your health when you progress. However Isaac isn't the only playable character, there are several characters, all but one apply to the bible. The first one you unlock is Isaac himself then ether Cain or Magdaiene. Cain is faster than Isaac with slightly higher attack power, and increased luck, but has a down side of lower health. Magdaiene has the most default health in the game but is very slow. Cain can be obtained by having fifty or more coins at one time, Magdaiene can by obtained by having seven hearts of health at one time in game.
The next person you can unlock is ether Eve, or Judas. Judas has one heart of health but has the strongest attack. Eve has two hearts of health and a bird that attacks enemies when you are hurt and turns into a demon when you are reduced to half a heart. Judas will be obtained when you beat Moms Heart a number of times and Eve can be obtained after making two deals with the Devil.
The last one outside of the DLC is ??? often known as the blue baby. ??? has no health, and only uses soul hearts which act as a kind of shield to other characters. ??? is believed to be a dead version of Isaac as the states are the same except with the health part. This one does have a upside as he has access to more places that the normal characters would only have access under certain circumstances. And the character included in the Wrath of the Lamb would be Samson who can be obtained by skipping at least one treasure room up to the Mom boss fight. He has one heart plus one soul heart but gains attack damage from killing enemies making him good for clearing out packed rooms. In addition to the DLC there are also more rooms, more bosses, more levels, and more items to be obtained.
I recommend this game for people who want to have some solo fun and want a story which you have to piece together or distract themselves for a hour (the average amount of time to complete the game after fighting the devil). However as I just said this game is single player so the down side is a one person game mode. This game is open on steam for five dollars, the DLC another three.

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