Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gears of War Judgment review

Gears of War: Judgment is the newest addition to Gears of War. This game has some major changes to it in controls, enemies, and the main character. The story, instead of focusing on Marcus Fenix, focuses on Deamon Baird, a friend to Marcus Fenix during the three games and a brilliant engineer. Gears of War: Judgment focuses at the beginning of the fight with the locust from Baird's time in a city called Halvo Bay. Like the previous three games there is a main locust bad guy, this baddy is called General Karn.
Now I have to admit there are a few things I didn't like about this game, one is the removal of Horde and Beast modes, removing the locust to play as on versus, removing the the ability to be downed in versus thus removing executions, some other things I just nitpicked are that the first Hammerburst is not reintroduced to the campaign but is only used by the kantus in a new game mode. However there have been additions to the game, including more starting weapons, more weapon skins, character skins, and the new multiplayer mode called Overrun. It's a combination of horde and beast, one team of players play as locust creatures, another team plays as a team of humans. There are three stages in the game where the COG must defend E-hole covers in the first two stages, and a generator at the last stage. Now I don't entirely like it because there are classes for the humans with pre-choosen weapons and abilities. There is the Scout class, who can climb up some ledges. The Soldier class, who can throw down ammo for the team. Medics, who can revive friends and increase health temporarily. And the Engineer who can put down a sentry and repair barricades. The Locust have a total of eight locust to choose from the strongest being a corpser.
The campaign is long with usual COG tags as pickups, but this time it tells you how the person who owned them died. The game removes lambent enemies but more locust are added. However with many enemies comes shorter chapters and the story is told in large pieces at different parts.
Despite this game being part of one of my favorite game series, I have to rank it as normal, good with more people, but only for the campaign and Overrun.

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