Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Killing Floor Review

Killing Floor is a game based on a game Mod also called Killing floor. Both Killing Floor and the Killing Floor Mod are alike but Killing Floor has experienced some changes. Killing Floor is a multiplayer survival horror where you hold out against waves of enemies, buy guns between waves, and fighting a strong boss at the end of the game, however you can't have all the weapons, each weapon has a weight and you have a maximum carrying capacity of 15 unless you're a high level of one of the classes. The game has seven classes to play as but the model used for the class is at the mercy of the player. The seven classes all specialize with different weapons though can use weapons used by another class.
The classes all have levels and level up when the requirements for the class are met, meaning you can level up one class as the another. The classes all have different ways of leveling up and leveling up gives you special bonuses when you use that class.
The seven classes and their gun specialties are the support class who specializes with shotguns and can carry more stuff at higher levels. The medic who can heal other players and yourself faster and more effectively (this class is the only one that you can level up multiplayer not solo) and has a discount on body armor and medic guns, the commando who can see invisible enemies and their health as well as getting a discount on assault rifles, the beserker who uses melee weapons often putting himself in the most danger than the rest of the classes and gets a discount on melee weapons, the pyro who specializes in fire weapons and gets a discount on fire weapons, the sharpshooter who specializes in pistols, snipers, and the crossbow and gets a discount on said weapons, and the demo who specializes on all things explosive and gets a discount on them.
The enemies on the game remind me a lot like zombies but with special powers, instead of going on about all of them I'll tell you the unique and strong enemies. The first in the Husk which is shoots fireballs at you from a far but it's weapons telltale charging sound and firing sound alert you to be watching your self to avoid it's fireballs. The second is the Fleshpound who's name tells you all, it's the strongest enemy besides the boss and, on high difficulties, one can wipe out a poorly prepared team easily, it's easy to pick out in a group on the enemies because it glows yellow at it's stomach and is very tall, until you cause enough damage to it, it will slowly walk towards you but when it lets out a loud cry treat it like a tank in L4D by running and shooting. Final is the Patriarch who shows his face  in the final wave and is considered a boss. With a Minigun, grenade launcher, healing abilities, can turn invisible, and deadly melee attacks, this guy can easily wipe out a team on high difficulties, however he always says something before attacking with his minigun or grenade launcher.
This game is one of the best team work games I've played where you have to play together or die horribly, if you kill three team mates from friendly fire on a wave and it's not over, or the entire team, you're dead. I highly recommend this game for people looking for a game that is more challenging then Left 4 Dead and want's to play with friends. This game can be obtained on Steam or on a Android phone app called Wewana.
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