Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Team Fortress 2 review

Team Fortress 2 of TF2 is a multiplayer game that can be played on the Xbox or computers, though I recommend the computer one on steam as it has the most content. The TF2 on steam is a constantly updating game, featuring new maps, weapons, hats, game mods, or just patches every update or so. The game has numerous game modes ranging from the classic capture the flag game mode, to the TF2 co-op Mann versus Machine game mode.
There are nine classes to play on TF2, each with different roles, special weapons, and special abilities. However each nine class has weaknesses to other classes and all ranging from different roles on the battlefield. The first class is the class I'm worst at, the scout. The Scout is the fastest class in the game but is easy to kill, he carries three weapons, a shotgun called the scatter gun witch causes a lot of damage up close but very inaccurate at a distance and slow to reload, to make up for his main weapons weakness he has a pistol which is highly accurate and quick to reload though it causes little damage compared to the scattergun, his last weapon is his melee weapon which is a bat. The scout like all the other classes has different weapons that can be found and used according to the players style.
The second class is the soldier who is the second slowest class with the second highest default hp in the game. He carries a rocket launcher which causes a high amount of instant damage over a long range but is slow, slow to reload, and the rockets can be reflected by a pyro. His primary weapon is risky to use up close due to splash damage, but his second weapon is a shotgun that is also shared with the pyro, engineer, and heavy, which is strong up close to make up for his rockets splash damage up close. His last weapon is his melee weapon the shovel.
The third class is the Pyro who's gender is unknown though some people think it's a girl while others think it's a man, what ever it's gender is it's unknown but it carries some helpful powers to the battlefield. It's first weapon is the flame thrower, short range but causes constant damage and causes after burn on whoever is hit by the fire, it's wide spread is helpful when looking for spies or tracking enemies, the short range slightly made up with the pyro's shotgun which has better range that the flamethrower but not by much. His last weapon is his fire axe. The pyro can extinguish allies that are on fire by clicking the second mouse button with the flamethrower, and the pyro has a advantage against other pyros because it is in a flame proof suit that prevents after burn but the base damage caused by the flame thrower will remain.
The Fourth class is the engineer who is one of the best classes to use regardless of what your objective is. He can set up the best defense with a pyro helping him with his natural predator the spy. The engineer can set up a sentry, a dispenser which gives you and fellow engi's metal to build more stuff with and heals your allies as well as giving them ammo, a teleporter entrance and exit which teleports allies to the exit and gets them to the front lines faster. His weapons are a shotgun, a pistol, a wrench which if you melee your machines with it, it will make them build faster or repair them, as well as upgrade them.
The fifth class is the face of TF2 the Heavy. The Heavy is the biggest and slowest class making him and easy target to snipers and spies, he has the most default health and is the main class to receive a ubercharge from a medic. He's has a minigun, that is commonly called Sasha, and combines a fast fire rate with a large amount of damage, though is weak at a range as the gun has a massive bullet spread and damage decreases at a range, his shotgun takes up the spot for range but isn't good at huge improvement and is useful when you're out of ammo. His melee is his bare hands which can be fired with ether mouse button as both fist do the same amount of damage.
The sixth class is the Demoman, a expert at making explosive traps with his sticky launcher, unlike the soldier the demoman only explosive weapons which their projectiles arch. His first weapon is a grenade launcher who's projectiles arch and equal the soldiers rockets damage but have less of a splash effect and bounce off walls and the ground. The sticky bomb launcher is his second weapon that shoots sticky bombs that stick to anything and detonate on his command making him ideal for taking out sentries. His melee weapon is a bottle of what is called scrumpy.
The seventh class to play is the medic, who heals allies and overheals them when they're at full health increasing their health to 150% their average health for a short time, but is a primary objective to kill as when he heals he builds up ubercharge with what ever medigun he has, the default uber makes him and his patient invincible. He has a weak defense though against other enemies so he relies on allies to defend him. His weapons are a syringe gun, his medigun, and a bonesaw.
The eighth class is the sniper who does what his name is, snipes. He specializes at heatshots, taking out annoying enemies with one quick shot. His weapons are a sniper rifle, a submachine gun, and a machete like knife.
The ninth class is the spy, a class that plays differently than the other classes as he relies on trickery and deception to help his team. He can disguise himself as one of the other team, cloak, fake his death, backstab for a one hit kill, and sap engineer buildings. The spy makes the other team wary and off their best game because they will leave a area unguarded to take care of a pesky spy before he kills one of them or saps a needed sentry. The spies weapons are a revolver which is just meant to stop enemies from coming after you or eliminating any weak targets from a far. He also has a sapper which disables and destroys engineer buildings, a knife that can kill any enemy with a stab to their back, and a disguise kit that allows them to disguise as any class on their team or the enemies team. He also has invisibility watches that allow him to turn invisible or fake his own death.
Unlike the Xbox version, the Steam version has multiple weapons that can be found randomly by playing the game, or bought from the games store called Mann co. These weapons can be used to match a players play style or for a challenge. There are bosses in this game taking the form of halloween bosses, like the Horseless Headless Horsemann, and the demoman's haunted eyeball. As I said before there are multiple game modes that put two human teams together or puts six human players together against hundreds of AI robots. This is a game I recommend for everyone as it is a good game to find friends on and a good game to play with friends on, and score this game as my second favorite game ever.

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