Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gears of war 3 Review

Gears of war 3 is what to me a epic sequel to Gears of war 2, featuring tons of new weapons, new characters, enemies, and a leveling up system. Gears of war 3 has a story that finishes the game series with an exception of it's sequel called Gears of war: Judgment, the whole point of the campaign is to find Marcus's father Professor Adam Fenix and you go threw many new enemies including the Extremely dangerous Lambent enemies.
Unlike it's prequels, Gears of war 3 gives you the ability to have a four player campaign experience, however this comes with a danger of little ammo, the game doesn't give you tons of ammo like the other two, it gives you ammo in the usual crates, but mainly from the battlefield. The game is well designed to give you limited ammo and at one point of the campaign trolling you with ammo that you can see and goes away when you try a might fall off a cliff when you approach it. Now some things that gave the game series a way of getting into a fight have been removed, I'm talking about the Emergence holes, they will not appear in the game instead enemies will fly out of the ground as if they were shot out of a cannon.
There have been special additions to the game featuring a special modification in Horde where you can buy and upgrade some fortifications. You don't get all the fortifications right away, you have to level up the stuff you can build by investing money gained from killing enemies into repairing that fortification, from leveling up these fortifications you can unlock stronger versions of them to build. It's good to spread out what you upgrade so you can get the remaining fortifications too, like you need to upgrade your level in the decoy fortification to get the sentry fortification. Now there are five fortification types, barrier the most basic used to slow down enemies or even stopping some in their tracks until the fortification is destroyed, decoy which makes all enemies target it, useful if you're surrounded on all sides, Sentry which shoots at any enemy which gets within range, Turret which gives you extra firepower as you have to mow down some enemies charging at you, and the most expensive Silverback which gives you a machine gun, rocket launcher, and portable cover for your friends all in one object. Also you can only place fortifications where you have a base set up, you can expand your base for a price, but doing that doubles the amount of objects you have to repair. Also unlike the second games horde, every ten waves there is a Boss wave, this may feature special enemies appearing like Reavers, Berserkers, or a Lambent Berserker.
Several weapons were added to the game too, like the Sawed-off Shotgun, a substitute for the Gnasher Shotgun, or the Retro Lancer, the Lancer that was used before the Lancer assault rifle. Also added with these new guns are Executions for every gun in the game. In versus however you have to get a certain amount of kills to unlock the execution. Also in addition of new guns there is a new grenade called the flame grenade.
There is a addition to the campaign and horde which allow you to use Mutations, these mutations can be good, bad, or funny. Like you can use infinite ammo with one mutation while another makes it so you cannot find any ammo out side of weapons dropped in battle, while another will make it so that enemies blood is replaced with flowers. These mutations can be gained by completing some requirements in game, like beating the campaign with four people.
A additional thing added to the game were medals, ribbons, and a level up system. Medals are the primary source of exp, which you use to level up or display your stats and skill of a gun or type of guns, some can even unlock weapon skins or characters. Ribbons are sources of exp that you get by completing a certain requirement like chainsawing three guys in a row on versus, horde, or the campaign on arcade mode. A certain amount of ribbons of one type can unlock something if interest. Levels can unlock a lot of the characters you can get and you naturally level up, quickly when you begin, and it gets harder to level up as you progress.
The newest addition to the gears game happened in Gears of war 3 called Beast Mode. This is the opposite of Horde, where instead to surviving, you play as the locust and must eliminate the human bots. It's called beast because you play as the powerful classes of the Locust Horde, like you can play as a Boomer, or a Berserker. Slightly like Horde, there are fortifications that pose as a way of slowing you down, however unlike Horde you have a one minute length to destroy all the humans, however as you tear down fortifications and kill humans you gain time to cause more destruction and you must buy the locust you play as.
I have to say that Gears of war 3 is still the highlight of the series to me as even though the new game is fun, it has a lot of downsides to it too. I rank this game as one of my favorites and say that it is a must have game for Gears of war fans.
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