Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vikings review

Vikings or Viking: Battle  for Asgard is a game that takes on the view that is different than usual thought of vikings, this game takes place during a war of the vikings against monsters created by a evil goddess. These creatures for one thing reminded me of Locust Drones from Gears of War but are in their own way vastly different. While it is revealed that they are stronger and can take more damage than a human, they are different from Locust Drones as they are blue.
The story goes that you are a vikings who was hurt in battle and visited by a good Goddess called Freya, she names you her Champion and tells you that you can free the world of the enemies who are from the Underworld. The first thing I'll talk about is the enemies. The enemies remind me of Locust from Gears of War and also Orcs from the Lord of the Rings. There are normal enemies which a few light hits will kill in a few seconds but come in swarms, and cannot move under the sun, so when ever you enter a area where there is a dark cloud, you can expect to run into an enemy or a few. The shielded enemies are slightly tougher to dispatch, their shields can take a few hits and can stun you every time you hit it. Then there are the Large enemies, they guys can take a huge beating and must be killed with a quick time. There are Assassins who you can never see until they're on your head and ripping it off in the process.
Now like some other games there are huge battles where your army fights against the forces of Hel, the evil goddess, but to do this you must build it up by liberating settlements, freeing captives you find, and sometimes doing a odd side quest. The majority of battles are long and hard (don't turn that to your own sick uses) and require health potions, but before that you usually have to sneak into a huge area, sneak past all the bad guys, and charge up a stone to summon a dragon to the battle. It's hard even for a experienced players it's hard.
There are some perks that can help you threw out the game, you can buy runes for your weapons to have a blade that can shock foes, one that burns them, or one that freezes them solid, all these powers have executions too, that can finish off a foe in style. Don't worry about money though, you can buy a upgrade for your minimap that will show you where money is, in chests, urns, and bags of money.
Now the game itself has no tutorial, so you need to find out most of the things you can do over time that can cause a bit of a challenge at spots where you could use some moves but you don't know yet.
This game is very good and has a mixture of you being a great warrior and a stealthy killer. However I give this game a good reward for having though at some points it has problems with freeing places, but it's a great game none of the less and I recommend having it IF you want to get it.

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