Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Borderlands 2 review

Borderlands 2 is a game which I think is worth the amount of money to buy. When I first played it, it grabbed my attention with the way the game looks as it struck me as a sort of comic look. The gameplay is reminded me of any other first person shooter, where it's basically shoot everything that moves as it's unlikely it will be friendly.
Some of the functions of the characters drew my attention of gameplay style, featuring a total of four classes each with a name I will give detail about. The Siren is what I deem the healer as she bears multiple powers to heal your team mates or leave a enemy without defense for a few moments so your team mates can take them out of the game. The gunzerker is a class which fit my style of playing on most other shooters as the gunzerker wades into a fight with guns blazing and dealing a lot of damage, however after awhile of playing I figured out the gunzerker was a class meant to be supported by other players rather than charging into a fight, so I didn't play much of him. The commando is my favorite class as he can bring an extra gun into a firefight with the sentry gun his ideal weapon is an assault rifle which I spent awhile looking for a good one. The final is the assassin which deals with snipers and other weapons, I thought the assassin is good in a team rather than alone as he can take out key targets like any other assassin or weaken a enemy to be handled easily.
The game features a shield system similar to Halo but  different in rather that taking the same amount of damage it takes different amount of damage according to what's used against it and the type of shield you have and that the shield also has it own amount of health that degrades before breaking and leaving you open.
The game is nearly complete but I have to say that I think the main mission is fast, and can bring you to a dangerous area if you don't slow down and choose to do some sub missions. Over all however I deem this game one of my favorites and recommend to be bought by anyone who is unsure if they should buy it or not.

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