Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Left 4 Dead 2 review

Left 4 Dead 2 is a multiplayer, first person shooter that focuses on a the zombie apocalypse. This is a game carrying on from the original Left 4 dead but with more weapons and special enemies. The first thing I'm going over is the multiplayer.
There are several game modes in this game featuring regular four player campaign where you play the survivors and AI's control the special infected. The second is Versus where you go threw the campaign but facing other players controlling the special infected making it very dangerous to play. The third is scavenger it is like versus only instead of going threw the campaign you and your team mates try and gather gas cans and keep a motor running. The final is the classic survival challenge, where you and your friends survive a endless wave of enemies until you die.
Now some additions added to this game from Left 4 Dead 2 is simple yet long. The first noticeable thing is the new enemies. The new specials are The Charger, The Spitter, and The Jockey. The Charger does what it's name says, it charges and smashes any survivor it gets into the ground. The Spitter spits toxic stuff onto the ground and deals massive damage to the survivors if they are standing in it. The Jockey works well with The Spitter as the Jockey deals pitiful amount of damage but can steer any survivor it jumps on into any danger including spitter spit or off buildings to their death. Another addition is the defib. unit which can bring a dead buddy back to life, adrenaline is another addition that increases speed of all actions including healing, reviving a partner, or running speed making it easy to out run a Tank or the Horde.
There is also the addition of Melee weapons that can one hit kill a regular infected and send their heads flying,  the saying "axes (or swords) don't need reloading" fits the bill of this as a well placed swing can kill several zombies on expert as the rifle would take slightly longer and would need to be reloaded afterwards. Several new guns were added to featuring a machine gun (that doesn't need to be reloaded) and a burst rifle that shoots in three shot burst and causes decent damage to specials. The last addition was the bile bomb that works the best with a molotov as the bile bomb is the boomers bile bottled and servers the same with attracting the horde and making them attack anything that is covered in it.
The multiplayer is different depending on the people you play with as some of the people, like on any other game, are very mean and joining a game on versus isn't fair as when you join a game you might be pounced by a hunter and your now team mates abandoned the bot to die. Generally people quit if they aren't infected but being a survivor can be just as fun as you can outwit the other team by luring them to miss and waste their abilities and leave them open.
I rate this game highly but it can become become boring after a long while where you play threw all the campaigns, however the ability to download custom campaigns give the game some variety. I recommend the game for people looking for a game to play with friends.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Borderlands 2 review

Borderlands 2 is a game which I think is worth the amount of money to buy. When I first played it, it grabbed my attention with the way the game looks as it struck me as a sort of comic look. The gameplay is reminded me of any other first person shooter, where it's basically shoot everything that moves as it's unlikely it will be friendly.
Some of the functions of the characters drew my attention of gameplay style, featuring a total of four classes each with a name I will give detail about. The Siren is what I deem the healer as she bears multiple powers to heal your team mates or leave a enemy without defense for a few moments so your team mates can take them out of the game. The gunzerker is a class which fit my style of playing on most other shooters as the gunzerker wades into a fight with guns blazing and dealing a lot of damage, however after awhile of playing I figured out the gunzerker was a class meant to be supported by other players rather than charging into a fight, so I didn't play much of him. The commando is my favorite class as he can bring an extra gun into a firefight with the sentry gun his ideal weapon is an assault rifle which I spent awhile looking for a good one. The final is the assassin which deals with snipers and other weapons, I thought the assassin is good in a team rather than alone as he can take out key targets like any other assassin or weaken a enemy to be handled easily.
The game features a shield system similar to Halo but  different in rather that taking the same amount of damage it takes different amount of damage according to what's used against it and the type of shield you have and that the shield also has it own amount of health that degrades before breaking and leaving you open.
The game is nearly complete but I have to say that I think the main mission is fast, and can bring you to a dangerous area if you don't slow down and choose to do some sub missions. Over all however I deem this game one of my favorites and recommend to be bought by anyone who is unsure if they should buy it or not.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I think it may be awhile until I do my first game review, I'm still trying to get used to Blogger. It might be a few days or a week until I do my first review but the first review I'll do will be Borderlands 2.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello Blogger!

Hello Blogger!
I'm D-Pad, a gamer and a game reviewer now. This blog will be about games and the reviews I give them, but not just new games, new and old games going back to the time of the gameboy advanced.